About Me

Hey, I'm Luciano H. Gomes (@lucianohgo) 👋🏾

Me and my girlfriend in the best time of the year

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I'm not really active in other platforms so use those and I'll be sure to respond 🤗

Who am I (hint: not Jean Valjean)

👨🏾‍💻 Senior Engineering Manager @ QuintoAndar

I'm a Software Engineer from Fortaleza, Brasil 🇧🇷. Sheer luck has placed me in some awesome places and introduced me to how Products are built. I absolutely love this world and believe Product-Led companies will be called just companies in the future–everything will be built with the customers in the center.

Currently I'm focused on:

  • How UX obsession is built and embedded in companies' cultures.
  • How to maintain quality and agility during iterative and fast-paced development
  • How to grow tech leadership and excellence within the company.

I write on a newsletter and here on my blog. Check them out 👀. I also have an ongoing form for questions and ideas. Hit me up, the more the merrier: https://bit.ly/dear-luciano